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TV or Cinema Single over $20,000

Dufresne Furniture and Appliances “Montreal” Frantic Films

Bill Stewart Director
Denise Maitan Graphic Artist
Keith Fraser Graphic Artist
Wai Pheng Gan Producer

Manitoba Nurses Union “Journey” NOW Communications

Bill MacInnis Art Director
Darren Wall Director
Darren Wall Off-line Editor
George Orallo On-line Conform
Marie Della Mattia Creative Director
Marie Della Mattia Copywriter
Marie Della Mattia Agency Producer
Wai Pheng Gan and Jeff Peeler Executive Producer

Manitoba Government Employees’ Union “Woke” NOW Communications

Darren Wall Director and Off-line Editor
Jeff Peeler Producer
Jeff Peeler and Wai Pheng Gan Executive Producer
Keith Fraser and Denise Maitan Graphics and Animation
Paul Degenstein Creative Director
Paul Degenstein Agency Producer
Paul Degenstein Copywriter


Posted under category: TV or Cinema Single over $20,000. Posted 2011-04-27

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