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Judges 2015


RALEIGH, North Carolina
We are problem solvers. As communication disciplines continue to blur, we are a new-style agency built to help our clients tell their stories with power and persuasion to the audiences that matter most to them, regardless of the communications challenge.

We thrive in complex organizations. We don’t market cars or candy bars. We help our clients in complex, often regulated, industries tell their stories in compelling and simple ways. We get people to make life-altering decisions about education, health, wealth and professions. We are not a “one and done” agency. Our client engagements often last for more than 10 years – and our work can last even longer.

We are communications agnostic. We are motivated only by what’s going to produce the best results. That means we aren’t trying to sell advertising because we’re an ad agency or media relations becausewe’re a PR firm or extensive web development because we’re a digital firm. We offer integrated solutions that build value because it’s the right thing to do to meet business objectives.



TORONTO, Ontario

One Advertising – soon to be known as sandbox toronto – is one of Canada’s largest independent agencies.

It’s a member of a North American collective (collaboration?) of like-minded independents in Chicago, New York, Kansas City, Amarillo, Des Moines, Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

One is an award-winning, full-service agency offering creative, strategy, media and technology.

Our clients include Heineken, Dos Equis, H&R Block, Nikon as well as Plan Canada and the Dairy Farmers of Canada.





We are TAXI. Our first office opened its doors in Montreal, Quebec in 1992. We have five offices including Toronto, TAXI 2, Montréal, Vancouver, and New York City.

Our name TAXI describes our philosophy in a simple way. We believe a small team of bright people, about as many as can fit into a cab, should drive every piece of business. So everyone, including the client, is headed in the same direction.

Doubt the Conventional, Create the Exceptional is our mantra, and it guides everything we do. It means we’re never looking for the usual route – we’re looking for the smartest.

We tell compelling stories designed to help build powerful brands – stories that are driven by a powerful message delivered in the right context and then mapped to the right medium. And we have a portfolio of work to prove it.

TAXI was named Canadian Agency of the Decade and is internationally recognized for its strategic, creative, digital, and design capabilities.