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Judges 2012


LONDON, England

Shotopop is the memory of an old man and the imagination of a little girl doodled on the surfaces of old diaries,
desktops and dirty windows. The creative troupe comprises of a select few people creating beauty from a warehouse
studio next to London Fields. Whether its feathers to be painted, a thousand paper butterflies to be cut out, or a digital
creation to be brought to life, they take great pleasure in discovering the contemporary and capturing it for all the world
to see.




Trollbäck + Company
New York City

Trollbäck + Company is an award-winning creative studio communicating engaging ideas in the simplest, smartest and most visionary ways. Led by executive creative director Jakob Trollbäck, the collaborative group directs television commercials, designs opening titles, brands networks and creates experience-based content for global brands. Trollbäck + Company is
the recipient of numerous awards including a prime-time Emmy, and is regularly featured in publications and exhibits around the world.





Calder Bateman was founded in 1990 by – you guessed it – Calder and Bateman. (“Frank Calder” and “Margaret Bateman”
to be exact, because referring to yourself with one name requires a prerequisite of winning an MTV Award).  Despite our
lack of MTV Awards, we have been awarded by Communication Arts,One Show, New York Festivals, Graphis, Applied Arts and Marketing. Strategy Magazine was also nice enough to name us one of Canada’s 20 most creative agencies in their
2011 Creative Report Card. We were also recognized as the fastest moving agency on the list.




john st.
Toronto, Ontario

john st. is a unique and entrepreneurial 100-person agency founded by a group of five talented partners
in 2001. After listening to the types of issues clients had with traditional agencies, we left our positions at
a multinational shop to launch a different kind of agency.

We are built on a single profit centre to encourage integration of design, technology, strategic planning
and creative rather than separate silos of service.

john st. is known for its success in reinventing brands that are losing their point of distinction in a sea of
sameness. We have one of Canada’s strongest track records for driving measurable business success
in a broad range of consumer and B2B categories. In short, our work works.